PCSD Facial Covering Update 10-8-21

Press Release – Facial Covering Update

October 8, 2021


On September 9, 2021, PCSD announced that due to a COVID-19 outbreak in PCSD and our community, face coverings would be required for all students and staff while indoors effective September 13, 2021, for a minimum of twenty-eight (28) calendar days, which was two 14-day infectious cycles. 


Today, I am pleased to announce that PCSD will be returning to our face covering requirements that was outlined in our Continuation of Operation Plan this summer which HIGHLY ENCOURAGES facial covering for all PCSD students and mandates facial coverings for all adults in our buildings.  This will become effective Monday October 11, 2021. 


A few points I would like to share:


  • Over the last four weeks our attendance rates in all our schools have improved dramatically.


  • Vaccinated individuals – do not have to be tested for extra-curriculars, do not have to quarantine if determined to be a close contact as long as they are symptom free.


  • Unvaccinated Individuals – must be COVID Tested weekly to participate in extra-curriculars, if determined to be a close contact they will have to quarantine which will result in loss class-time and participation in extra-curriculars during that time.


  • Mask wearing allows us to be less restrictive on declaring students a close contact.


  • Non-masking may result in more students being deemed a close contact which will require them to be excluded/quarantined.


  • If cases rise within PCSD and an outbreak is again determined facial coverings in our schools could again be required for our students.


  • All decisions on masking in our schools have been and will continue to be made in accordance with Nevada Emergency Directive 048.


Keeping our PCSD schools open to in-person learning remains the top-priority of Pershing County School District, and as we have done over the course of this pandemic, we will implement all required mitigation measures. We hope our school community shares this same goal and will accept the reality that each of us play a role in keeping PCSD schools accessible to our students. With that in mind, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of parents and guardians keeping sick students at home, quarantining unvaccinated students if there is a positive case in the household, and taking the time to screen your children prior to leaving for school each day.

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