ARP/ESSER III Use of Funds Plan

September 10, 2021




The following are the 4 main areas identified by Pershing County School District to support with the spending of ARP ESSER III Grant Funds:


Social and emotional health is a priority at Pershing County School District. ARP Funds will be used to integrate student supports through an MTSS framework. Funds will be used to address the academic impact of lost instruction time, to support students’ emotional, social, mental health and academic needs, by helping maintain school-wide strategies that enhance resources and interventions for students who need such supports.


We will be using ARP to provide professional development opportunities for PCSD educators and other school staff to support implementation of curriculum focusing on SEL as well as giving our educators the tools to meet the mental health needs of all PCSD students.


We will be using ARP funding to improve access to technology for our students and teachers. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, PCSD made it a priority to ensure every student in Pershing County School District has a district issued 1-1 device. Technology funds will also be used for teachers to improve classroom capabilities that aids in regular and substantive educational interaction between the instructors and their students.


Lastly, PCSD will be using ARP funds for PPE and cleaning supplies to support all of our mitigation strategies that includes vaccine promotion, masks for every employee and student, hand hygiene, social distancing, respiratory etiquette, cleaning, and disinfecting.  

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