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NIAA Update 11 - 2020-21 Adjustments to Sports Seasons due to Covid-19 Pandemic

To: NIAA Member Schools and School Districts
From: Bart Thompson, Executive Director, NIAA
RE: Update 11, 2020-21 Adjustments to Sports Seasons due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Owing to the covid-19 pandemic and the resultant challenges faced by NIAA member schools, the NIAA has made the following adjustments to sports seasons for the 2020-21 school year. Specific schedules for leagues and/or regions within the framework below will be created and implemented by the leagues and/or regions in each sport. Several options were reviewed. The NIAA staff, acting under authority granted by the NIAA Board of Control, is issuing these adjustments which are effective immediately. The adjustments were reviewed by and have unanimous support of the NIAA Legislative Commission which is made up of the superintendents of each Nevada school district with an NIAA member high school. The NIAA staff consulted closely with northern and southern league/region presidents of each of the classifications in crafting the adjustments.

PCSD School Re-opening Update

July 21, 2020 Update


At the July 20, 2020  Pershing County School District Board Meeting the Board of Trustees voted in support of returning all students to campus for in person learning while following social distancing guidelines as set forth by various National, State and Local Health Agencies.  In order to achieve this, everyone will need to wear a face covering while on PCSD Property when 6 feet of social distancing is not able to be maintained or until such time that the order is lifted.  In addition, to be able to ride a school bus students will be required to have a face mask on at all times, they will have assigned seating and the bus will have to have selected windows open to increase air flow.



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