PCHS Classrooms: No Cell phone Policy

Parents and Students,

Cell phones will be prohibited within the classroom setting this year. No cell phones will be allowed to be used for any purpose during classroom instruction time. Some teachers have lock boxes for student phones, others have cell phone pouches to support phone storage during class. If a student is discovered to be on a phone or a like device, texting, or communicating through social media etc., they will be asked to silence and place their phones in a designated location predetermined by their teacher. They may retrieve their phone after class. A second offense within the classroom will result in the phone being confiscated by the teacher and delivered to Principal Reynolds. The phone will then be returned to the student at the end of the day by office staff. A third offense requires a parent to retrieve the phone from the office with a conference with the Principal. In a time when in-class instruction is limited, now more than ever, PCHS students and staff need to focus on what is important: Learning. Cell phones are permitted before school, during passing, at lunch, and after school. Cell phones are prohibited during classroom instruction time. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please reach out to PCHS office staff for clarification.  

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